Job offers: Writing scripts, video editing/cutting and sound adaption. If you can do any of that (or maybe everything together) send me a message ( where you explain your skills, experience and knowledge.

damn did I love to edit this! Its so easy and fun to edit with Deontay Wilder! After all his crazy epic speeches and knockouts he had, its almost impossible to not make an epic Wilder Promotion! xD The part which I like the most is the part where he talks to breazle.

I had first some different background music there, but then I had this Idea to cut all this background music out and let only be the choir there. And damn turned this out to be a great idea! Absolutely love this. My favourite edit and promotion of all my videos. 🙂

I would wish I could use footage of his actual fights, like against fury or breazle, but then I would have to fear that my video gets taken down. (copyright issues) Anyway would you still like to see more videos of Wilder? Maybe a Deontay Wilder in 5 minutes? Like my Lomachenko video? Also, if you have any suggestions, for my next video, write in the comments bellow. I will read them.

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