JASON BOURNE 6 [HD] Trailer – Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner | The Team Up Action Movie

I had an idea of bringing the actor that played Aaron which is Jeremy Renner with Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in one movie. Jason Bourne is an iconic character much like James Bond and Ethan Hunt, that is one of the reason why I enjoyed making this trailer. When Aaron was typing in the computer looking at Jason Bourne is edited to make it look like he was searching for his number.

For the first time, I actually did a voice over to make it sound like the character. The beginning with Jason Bourne name drop, the line about calling him and the last one saying I Am Jason Bourne was me. The line “We need you to get back in the field” is from WITHOUT REMORSE film. We connected that line with Matt Damon saying “I don’t do this anymore” referring to how he has retired from that service.

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