Aquaman 2 Teaser Trailer First Look Breakdown and Justice League Easter Eggs

Covering new Aquaman 2 Trailer Lost Kingdom First Look Footage, Easter Eggs and Behind The Scenes. Jason Momoa, Black Manta, new characters. Justice League Connections. Aquaman The Lost Kingdom takes place a few years after the fist Aquaman Movie and the Justice League Snyder Cut. After he’s been king of atlantis for a few years. When a new threat comes in the form of the lost 7th Kingdom of Atlantis mentioned during the first movie. Along with Black Manta returning as a bigger villain.

Lots more DC Fandome Trailers this weekend and footage. The Batman Trailer 2022 with Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves. Shazam 2 Trailer Fury of the Gods. Black Adam Trailer Easter Eggs and Shazam vs Black Adam Crossover Movie Explained. Post Credit Scene Theory. Justice League Snyder Cut and DCEU connections explained. Shazam 2 Villains and New Gods Explained with shared Wonder Woman Movies Connections and Wonder Woman Gods. The Title Shazam Fury of the Gods is a reference to the Gods where Shazam Powers come from. And why the Wizard Shazam has come back.

The Flash Movie Trailer and New Footage. Evil Dark Flash Explained. Michael Keaton Batman Scene Explained. Ezra Miller Flash New Suit, Ben Affleck Batman, DC Multiverse Scene, The Flash Grant Gustin Crossover Scene, Crisis On Infinite Earths and Batman Beyond Movie. Ben Affleck’s Batman. New The Flash Movie Scenes with Batman. And Michael Keaton’s Batman, who is also coming back as his original Batman Movies Batman 1989 and Batman Returns.

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