Joker 2 Announcement Breakdown and Batman Easter Eggs

Covering new Joker 2 Teaser Announcement, New Joker Sequel Movie with Joaquin Phoenix. New Story Explained, Batman Timeline and continuity with other upcoming DC Movies. DC Black Label Movies Explained. The Batman Trailer with Robert Pattinson. The Flash Trailer with Michael Keaton Batman and Ben Affleck Batman from the DCEU Justice League Snyder Cut version of earth. And how DC Movies are handling all the different versions of Batman Movies in the future.

Joker Ending Scene and how it sets up Joker 2. The Batman Ending Scene with a new version of Batman in Crime Alley. Joker Arkham Asylum Ending Scene Explained and where Joker 2 would begin in 2023. I’ll do more Joker Sequel videos once they release more information and Teasers. And lots more Batman Movie stuff coming later this year and next year too!

The Batman Trailer, New Batman and Catwoman Scenes, The Riddler Clues and Easter Eggs Explained. The Riddler Learns Batman’s Identity as Bruce Wayne. More new footage and easter eggs. Batman and Catwoman Scenes. Batman and The Riddler Scene Explained. New Riddler Changes and Batman Horror Movie Comparison. Batman vs Pengiun, new Batmobile. New Batman Batcave Easter Eggs. How Robert Pattison Batman is different from Ben Affleck Batman, Michael Keaton Batman and Christian Bale Batman. And what the story of the movie is. Along with every Riddler Riddle Explained with Easter Eggs and clues for his mission in the movie.

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