BREAKING Mike Tyson BREAKS HIS SILENCE After Punching Man On Plane

In this video, we are gonna talk about the recent incident with Mike Tyson and we just got another big news as well and it is something our fans have been waiting for, so, we are definitely going to put the spotlight on that as well.

Mike Tyson has been the man of controversies throughout his life. The man is a badass in the actual sense of the word. He went to jail when he was just 14 and then again, he went to jail for 3 years when he was convicted of rape back in 1991. His controversial behavior has impacted his life and then his career greatly, everyone would agree with the fact that his career would have been a lot better if he had not gotten himself into these things.

Mike Tyson was in Florida, having a great time, the legendary boxer-turned-cannabis businessman was eating edibles on the annual marijuana holiday and telling the thousands gathered in Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park that they were taking the good vibes “to another level in life.” However, Tyson had to fly back to Florida so, he got on the plane and well, it turned out to be adventurous. A JetBlue passenger sitting behind him in first-class seemingly ruined his high. After the man reportedly kept harassing Tyson. That is not the right man to harass, what were you thinking dude? As one would expect, a video from TMZ Sports shows Tyson appearing to repeatedly punch the man and bloody his face.

A man can be heard saying on one of the videos posted to TMZ, “My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson,” What an honor! The passenger who got beaten up by Tyson is identified as “George” by a witness filming an interaction, sported three or four bloody cuts on the right side of his head moments after the encounter. Jo Mignano, a representative for Tyson, told The Washington Post that the passenger in question threw a water bottle at Tyson. This guy is nuts, right? Mignano further added, “Unfortunately, Mr. Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat”

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